A blessing for the weeks when we give thanks

As we in the United States prepare for Thanksgiving Day, many of us are caught in the space where we are grateful while wishing things were different at the same time. Our lives these days are anything but perfect, but they’re real, and there’s beauty to be found in that. One day we will look back and we will remember the pockets of goodness we were able to find in this time. We will be Read the rest

A blessing for weeks when life feels fragile

All across the world nations are beginning to shut down and shelter in place again as the pandemic ravages the globe. There have been over a million deaths, and that number is still climbing. And many of us are scared, and we are weary, and we think about our children and our grandparents and those that we love who are sick, and everything weighs so very heavy on our shoulders, doesn’t it?

This week … Read the rest

This one’s for the moms

I shared a post on my Facebook page yesterday that seemed to resonate with a lot of my friends who are at different stages of the motherhood journey.
Moms of one, moms of multiples, single moms, stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, moms-who-just-lost-their-job, expecting moms, moms finishing their degrees, moms who have dropped out of school, homeschooling moms…we’re all kind of part of a huge Venn Diagram that’s circling the Struggle Bus, no matter what season of … Read the rest

A blessing for weeks when everything seems to be changing

As we begin this new week, we are a people hungry for healing — healing of our hearts, healing of our relationships, healing of our land. And yet we recognize that we can never heal from that which we cannot name, for there is a particular blessing that comes when we humbly confess all the ways we’ve gotten it wrong. Today, God, would you lead us to repentance? Lead us to the space where … Read the rest

Thoughts on Election Day, 2020

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Hi, friends. I am seeing a lot of kumbaya/all we need is love kind of posts as our nation goes to the polls today. I understand the urge to post these things, and I get where you’re coming from. However, I’m about to step on your toes for a minute, and I mean what I’m about to say with all the love in my heart.

These posts, as positive and rooted in goodness as they … Read the rest

A blessing for weeks when we’re holding our breath

As we go into this new week, there are many of us who feel uncertain. Anxious. Even fearful. May we somehow feel peace in our weary bones and worried hearts. May we remember to be gentle with ourselves this week, and get enough sleep, and drink our water. May we dare to hope. May we dare to dream, and dare to plant good seeds, seeds of forgiveness and friendship, in this world’s thirsty soil. May … Read the rest


I really dislike Halloween.
Some of you might be gasping right now, but I said what I said, people. I don’t enjoy scary things, and it’s always seemed like an awful lot of work for a bucket or two of candy that I could easily buy myself.

My four-year old, however, loves it. He gets so very excited about picking out his costume, adores the thrill of getting more free candy than he knows … Read the rest

Wandering in a place called home.

I first heard about the theology of the wilderness from Sarah Bessey. Biblically speaking, the wilderness was often a place of wandering, of exile, of exodus. It was for the misfits, the poets, the prophets, the outcasts. It was a place outside of the city gates, cities where inhabitants lived comfortably with their families and friends and communities. The wilderness was a land of unbelonging. Wanderers were far from any place they had ever called … Read the rest

The Good Stuff: Summer 2020

Hi, friends. Been a while, hasn’t it? What a wild ride this year has been so far. We’ve been pretty much hunkered down since March (side note — I don’t know who needs to hear this but: COVID IS NOT OVER JUST BECAUSE THE WEATHER’S NICE NOW!), and even though New York is opening up, we’re still playing things pretty safe. And then there was distance learning (any other parents feel like Read the rest

Beautiful Honest Things

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Today is day eight of our family’s social distancing and, like everyone else in the world, all our notions of what “normal life” looks like have been turned on their head. We’re limping along, figuring out what’s right and best for us one moment at a time, knowing full well that none of us have it figured out, and what worked the hour before might no longer be relevant or necessary as we move throughout … Read the rest