A blessing for weeks when we’re holding our breath

As we go into this new week, there are many of us who feel uncertain. Anxious. Even fearful. May we somehow feel peace in our weary bones and worried hearts. May we remember to be gentle with ourselves this week, and get enough sleep, and drink our water. May we dare to hope. May we dare to dream, and dare to plant good seeds, seeds of forgiveness and friendship, in this world’s thirsty soil. May we be nourished by the ministry of good books, and cozy hot beverages, and gooey baked goods, and friends who text us just to say hello. May we practice one of life’s most difficult lessons to learn–the art of saying, “you first”, not “me first” or “mine first”. May we hold our loved ones near to us this week, either in our arms or in our memories, and may we not be afraid to cry if we need to, because tears are medicine, too. May we take the higher road whenever it is offered to us, and may we keep our eyes fixed on the things that will never pass away. May we keep toiling towards that new kingdom, where things will be right, and things will be just, and the table is wide, and the welcome is for all. May we get glimpses of that great feast, and may it feed us as the days grow shorter and the dark longer. May we feel the warmth of love this week, and may we remember to take deep breaths.

We are a world in waiting, O God. Will you meet us in our unknowns this week, and may we know the gift of your presence with us? And if/when it becomes harder to breathe, may we be restored to the gentle rhythms that will restore us to life.

You are loved this week, friends. This week, and every week.


  • Terry Goodwin
    November 3, 2020

    Thank you Elena.

    • Elena Delhagen
      November 3, 2020

      Sending you both lots of love!

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