i am a Christian.
and i love the Church.

but sometimes, i wonder if she’s gotten so preoccupied [with who’s right & who’s wrong, conservative versus progressive, why this style of worship is better than this one, et cetera and et cetera] that she has forgotten the simplicity of her message.

“…God was (ie: IS) reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them.” (2 corinthians 5.19)

let me repeat that.
God is not counting men’s sins against them.

not mine. not yours.
it doesn’t matter what you or i or he or she has done; God is not counting men’s sins against them.

“but that sounds too good to be true,” you say.
“it just doesn’t make any sense,” she scoffs.
“yeah, but you don’t know what i’ve done,” he argues.

it’s not too good to be true. and you’re right; it doesn’t make any sense. and no, i don’t know what you’ve done.

but He does.
and His Word stands. He’s not counting it against you.

because of a cross.
because righteousness was made sin
and a holy transference occurred.
because of life-blood that beautifully and mysteriously washes the hearts of men
because of a little thing called grace.
because when the Father looks at you
He sees not your faults and failures
but instead sees His perfect Son.

because of Jesus
God is not counting men’s sins against them.

and that::
well, that is the gospel.

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