SheLoves: Accept the Stillness

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In the busyness of the past month, I completely forgot to share an excerpt from my newest post over at SheLoves Magazine! I wrote about sleep training and what motherhood it has taught me about God (thus far). You can read the entire post by clicking here.

When I hear his soft cries over the monitor a few hours later, I know he’ll be unable to fall back asleep until I go to him. I curl his body up against mine, smoothe his hair, brush my lips against his forehead, and we rock. I sway him rhythmically in my arms while making quiet “shhhhh” sounds in his ear, and here, I find God all over again. I inhabit this moment with my bleary eyes and disheveled hair, desperate for rest, for both my son and myself. I dare to trust that God, both Father and Mother, hears all these prayers I breathe without words, even if the sleep doesn’t come. These nights are hard for all of us in our home. They are fleeting, yes, but still hard.

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