SheLoves: Ruins to redemption

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Today, I’m posting over at SheLoves magazine, a global community of women who love Jesus and are committed to walking in his Way. Brokenness is a theme that weaves itself through so many of our narratives, and it’s easy to stay stuck in our grieving over it. Recently, though, I’ve been thinking: what might it look like if we chose to see our brokenness as a conduit to abundance instead? Click the link above to read the full post and join the conversation!

Maybe it doesn’t have to be like this, though. Maybe there’s a better way. Maybe brokenness no longer has to mean what it used to. Maybe I can make what’s been broken into an offering, a sacrifice. I cannot help but think of our Christ, who broke the bread to feed thousands–and it was in the breaking that it was mysteriously multiplied. I think, too, of when he himself was broken, on behalf of us, a willing sacrifice for the sake of love; again, the breaking somehow gives way to more, something better, something full.

What might it look like for me to live as a willing sacrifice as well, in this new season of marriage and motherhood and discovering how to rise? I think it means embracing what was broken and knowing that somehow, someway, there’s suddenly more of my heart to go around because of it. I have learned to do the hard things with it no longer taking everything out of me. So I wash dishes and change diapers and let my husband sleep in and hold doors open for strangers and pray for my enemies even when it hurts, even when I don’t want to, even if it feels like it will break me all over again if I have to give anything else away.

Again, I think of Jesus, broken as a love sacrifice. He gave of himself willingly, and because of it, humanity received resurrection.

Can it be? Can the brokenness of life be offered up, be redeemed, be transformed into something new?

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