because we all need to know that we’re worthy

hello there. my name’s elena, and i’m a recovering people-pleaser. yes, that’s right. a recovering people-pleaser. the long + short of it is that i used to care so much about what others thought of me that i let their opinions define me and my worth. and now? well, now i don’t.

the journey to get to this place has not been an easy one, the road often littered with unexpected speed bumps, twists … Read the rest

a love letter to my body

[i’m a little late at jumping on the “love letter to my body” train that’s been taking the internet by storm lately. but better late than never, right? so here it is. and ps: more info about this project can be found on SheLoves magazine’s syncroblog.]

to the body that belongs to elena teresa ann:: this is my love letter. for you. {yes, you.}

i know, i know. why the sudden kindness?Read the rest