for such a time as this

Scrolling Facebook this morning, I came across the following quote as a friend’s status:

From Dave Pell (not-Christian): Religious Christians have hitched their wagon to an unrepentant heathen like Trump, proving that power dwarfs all other belief systems.
#tearswecannotstop #saveyourwitness


Talk about a punch in the gut. As I later commented, “This quote is staying with me this morning. It’s heavy and hurtful, because I fear that right now, the Church as a whole … Read the rest

the sarah in me

i was reading through genesis 16 + 21 this morning, the story of God’s seemingly impossible promise and the years it took for it to be fulfilled. truth be told, i see so much of myself in sarah. i often grow impatient while waiting on God + i try to twist his arm into giving me what i want. i figure if i pray the right prayer, do the right thing, confess the right sin, … Read the rest

the limp

this morning i was reading the story of Jacob and his wrestling match with the God-man, found in Genesis 32. at the end of the struggle, his hip is disjointed, and Jacob, he who once grasped his brother’s heel, walks with a limp from that point on.

as i read, i was reminded of an interesting fact. i once heard that the ligaments attached to the hip are some of the strongest and toughest in … Read the rest


i read through the book of Habakkuk this morning, three chapters that i’ve always found solace in. Habakkuk was a pretty cool guy–relatable. transparent. real before the Lord. he was honest with his questions and complaints, but he was also humble enough to wait, listen, and pray.

today, i keep going back to the fourth verse in chapter two::
“but the person in right standing before God, through loyal and steady believing, is fully … Read the rest

i found myself drawn to amos 9 this morning
and was very much comforted by the promise:: 

in that day, i will restore David’s fallen shelter–i will repair its broken walls and restore its ruins–and will rebuild it as it used to be. (amos 9.11)

restoration always comes after the destruction.Read the rest

i was sitting in my living room two weeks ago when i heard Him speak: “read Hosea.” 
and i’m going to be honest: i was kind of a jerk.
“why? i’ve read Hosea. like a million times. i mean, come on, God. i know what happens.”
still, it was there, lingering in the depths of my heart like a heavy echo.
“read Hosea.”
so what did i do? i read Hosea.

day after day i … Read the rest

The problem with a lot of religion, Campolo says, is that people have interpreted the Gospel so much, we’ve started to believe the interpretations instead of what Jesus said.

A.J. Jacobs quoting Tony Campolo, The Year of Living Biblically (which I highly recommend, by the way)… Read the rest