The one where I make a big announcement (because it’s never too late to begin)

350 words. This is what being brave means for me this morning. 

After years of running away from the inevitable, I have finally started writing my book! For years, I’ve thought a lot about writing a memoir, but I always stopped short of beginning it, citing a litany of reasons (time, money, energy, inspiration) why I can’t. But today, I’m turning “I can’t” into “I will.”

Because I’m full of stories, and they deserve to … Read the rest

writing the story

ever since i was a little girl, quiet and determined among a mop of bouncy brown curls, i have loved books. the feel of thin pages against my fingertips, the weight of a story heavy in my tiny hands, the smell of a book brand new, shiny and unblemished:: these things have been my language, words and plot lines as common to me as my mother tongue.

it should come as no surprise, then, that … Read the rest