So, A Pentecostal and A Presbyterian Walk Into A Bar…

Alternative title: So, I Have Some Thoughts About Church.
Or: It’s Good to Reflect On Our Faith.
Or: I Think Sarah Bessey Might Have Written a Book Just For Me.


When I was six years old, I found God. Or rather, God found me.

I grew up Catholic, not in practice, necessarily, but definitely in name. The daughter of two immigrants, I was enrolled in Catholic school because religion was a tie to the … Read the rest

the power of one: stories from Liberia, West Africa

recently, i had the honor of delivering the message at my home church on Sunday morning. now, i’ve never been one to call myself a preacher, but i do know that God’s made me a storyteller.

i wish i could take all the words and the pictures and the feelings and the experiences and share them with you here, but somehow, it doesn’t do it justice.

but if you have 45 minutes or so, i’d … Read the rest

i am a Christian.
and i love the Church.

but sometimes, i wonder if she’s gotten so preoccupied [with who’s right & who’s wrong, conservative versus progressive, why this style of worship is better than this one, et cetera and et cetera] that she has forgotten the simplicity of her message.

“…God was (ie: IS) reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them.” (2 corinthians 5.19)

let me repeat that.… Read the rest

On earth as it is in heaven.

(Disclaimer: today’s “blog” is also a little bit of a “rant”, which may make you a bit uncomfortable. And for that, I am sorry.
But I will not, on the other hand, apologize for speaking out and speaking Truth. For today’s “blog” is also somewhat of a “plea”, one that I believe comes straight from the Father’s heart.
No, I am not in the least bit sorry for that.)

I think we all can agree … Read the rest

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my pastor, to the church this morning: “i don’t care about your comfort; i care about your soul.”
Jesus, to my heart this morning: “me too.”

and in that instant, i recognized my sin. i’ve spent so much time chasing after the things of this world, even when it meant neglecting the only thing that really matters.
Lord….forgive me.Read the rest