remember when we used to talk about it?
i opened up, like you asked me to;
i let it all spill out of me,
and we analyzed
and dissected
and tried to make sense of things
we were never meant to understand.

but now,
i’m simply tired:
tired of talking,
tired of the prayers,
tired of empty words that don’t convey¬†
what i want them to, anyway.

finally, i see
what silence was supposed to … Read the rest

the wedding song

back then,
we were young
and life was so simple,
even when i tried to make it hard.

(i guess i didn’t want easy,
didn’t think i deserved something¬†
that i didn’t have to work for.)

we didn’t have much,
and we didn’t really know much
in the ways of honesty
and commitment,
and what it actually meant when we promised ‘till death do us part.

like i said,
we were young.
we tried to … Read the rest