one word 2015:: home

in lieu of new year’s resolutions (and to show support and solidarity with the #oneword365 movement), i’ve spent the last several januarys of my life carefully choosing a word that i hope will shape the coming year. this is perfect for me for a couple different reasons:

a) it doesn’t lock me into anything. selecting a word over a resolution is open-ended. it leaves room for mistakes and loose ends, and it allows the … Read the rest

saying goodbye to Lamie

today, i write to honor the life of a friend. i met Lamie around Easter of
this year, while i was still in Liberia. he was sick and listless, unable to move (presumably because  of a stroke he had suffered.) he was sleeping on the ground, in a pile of garbage, directly across from a dumpster. during the day, he was there, baking in the hot sun. at night, he was there, exposed to the … Read the rest

(i’m sure this list will be ever-evolving—just like me. and i like it that way.)

Sell a piece of art I created
Publish my writing
Become a mother
Go to Africa
Write a poem for someone

Have someone write a poem for me
Swim in the Atlantic Ocean
Swim in the Pacific Ocean
Live in another country
Find “Mr. Right”
Visit Israel
Visit Italy
Speak Italian (semi) fluently
Read the entire Bible
Stomp on grapes … Read the rest