The number one thing I’m doing for my family’s wellness this year

Six months ago, I bought my Young Living Premium Starter Kit — admittedly a bit on a whim, partially to see what the hype was about. And you guys: I fell in love. Hard. 

I started just by diffusing oils: at bedtimes, mainly, or after a hard day. I immediately noticed improvement in the quality of sleep we get, and how quickly my mood was changed simply by smelling Stress Away (which yes, is exactly … Read the rest

Sometimes I think it hurts to remind you that it happened

My mother’s father was a short, stubborn Scotsman with eyes so icy-blue they’d make you think of glaciers, or perhaps maybe the moon. His name was James. To most, he was Jimmy. To me, he was Papa.

Whenever I reflect on my childhood–long, harrowing years of growing up in chaos, the daughter of two addicts–Papa is the only constant I can remember. He picked me up from school when my parents were late. … Read the rest