thin-spiration: {week six}

update time!

  • weight: down another pound + a half. slow and steady will win this race!
  • i lasted three days on the caffeine detox before i caved and made myself a cup of bustelo. surprisingly, the detox wasn’t as bad as i expected. i only had a few minor headaches, and wasn’t all that cranky. going to try and limit myself to a cup a day from now on.
  • still trying to cut out
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thin-spiration: {week five}

if you read last week’s post, you know that this has been my “fresh start week”. and if you didn’t…well, let me just say i fell off the proverbial wagon and ate copious amounts of chocolate and carbs as an attempt to make it through one of my toughest (non-fitness-related) weeks yet.

but i’m back.
and here are a few updates:

  • weight’s still the same. but i’m okay with that. as long as the
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thin-spiration: {week four}

sometimes in life, you just need to hit the reset button. i’m sure you know what i’m talking about. you have a rough day, a hard week, and all you want to do is start all over again, fresh and new.

that’s exactly where i’m at. this past week was difficult on many levels, and i was too focused on just trying to make it through that i didn’t care about eating my vegetables or … Read the rest

thin-spiration: {week three}

okay, y’all; you know how this works. but first – some updates!

  1. i’ve lost five pounds. which someone told me is the weight-equivalent of a chihuahua. …so, i’ve lost a chihuahua. not bad.
  2. i also spent yesterday in NYC and carbo-loaded in little italy. so it’s entirely possible those five pounds will come back to haunt me. but i don’t regret any of it. (well, maybe that last slice of pizza…)
  3. still running. up to
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thin-spiration: {week two}

so, an update on last week::

  1. in an attempt to avoid checking the scale obsessively, i’ve hid it away until later in the month. but i have noticed my clothes fitting a little looser, as well as an energy boost during the day + better sleep at night. #winning
  2. despite having been out of the gym for nearly a month, i dragged myself back there a couple times this week. on day one, i decided
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