the leaves keep changing colors,
and it’s a constant reminder
that time
slips through our fingers
and won’t take no for an answer.

you and i, though,
we could hide ourselves away
and stop the moments—
for just a little while, anyway.

i keep waiting for you,
behind the locked door and closed windowshades.

you never seem to come.
but winter
always does. … Read the rest

for years,
i’ve lived on the promise of 

hope has fed my hungry heart
while daydreams stole my slumber away.

with a bowed head
and a lowered gaze,
i ask for you once more;

this time, i think soon
really means

me too.… Read the rest

the wedding song

back then,
we were young
and life was so simple,
even when i tried to make it hard.

(i guess i didn’t want easy,
didn’t think i deserved something 
that i didn’t have to work for.)

we didn’t have much,
and we didn’t really know much
in the ways of honesty
and commitment,
and what it actually meant when we promised ‘till death do us part.

like i said,
we were young.
we tried to … Read the rest

an ode to November

walking slowly in the sunshine,
my cold ears start listening to
the song of this season.
it’s a tune of ferocious wind
and a deep ache in the bones,
of comfort
and silence
and all these things that are changing,
none of which we can control.

and then i thought i heard you singing,
my own little words spilling from your lips:
weighty prayers and quiet promises
that you didn’t think i’d hear.
(we’re singing … Read the rest