Let’s talk about how we talk about Planned Parenthood

This is a difficult story for me to tell. Even as I’ve just begun writing it, my palms are clammy, my fingers shaking a bit as I type. Some stories are so delicate, so private that we clutch them tightly in balled-up fists, afraid to let go, afraid to open up. We’re afraid to let people see all the parts of ourselves because, quite honestly, keeping things hidden is easier.

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This is Bill. He’s shy and soft-spoken, and has one of the sweetest smiles I’ve ever seen. I first got to know Bill last year, as he was in my small group on Monday afternoons. Though he was usually quiet in the big group, he’d often come alive during one-on-one time, asking lots of questions and working hard on whatever project was put in front of him. He likes coloring and drawing, writing and being
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