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today was supposed to be iFast day. today i was supposed to go to the gym and do a couple errands and pack for my trip on Thursday andandand…

you see, there will always be a lot of “supposed to”s. but this day is different.
because if i still myself long enough, i can hear the quiet whisper that is telling me to simply rest.
don’t strive; don’t do. just rest.
if that … Read the rest

when there are no more words

as my time in Liberia comes to a close, i look back and reflect and remember. i know people back home are going to ask questions. they’re going to want stories, want to hear of my life for the past six months.

the problem is::
for the first time in a long time,
i don’t have words.

maybe i haven’t fully processed all i’ve seen and heard and felt here yet. maybe once i do, … Read the rest

i am a Christian.
and i love the Church.

but sometimes, i wonder if she’s gotten so preoccupied [with who’s right & who’s wrong, conservative versus progressive, why this style of worship is better than this one, et cetera and et cetera] that she has forgotten the simplicity of her message.

“…God was (ie: IS) reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men’s sins against them.” (2 corinthians 5.19)

let me repeat that.… Read the rest

“everyone is so scared of messing up God’s plan for their life. humans already screwed up the plan, and Jesus already fixed it. go be free. {the one and only Lauren Dubinsky}

YES. yesyesyesyesyes.

seriously. it breaks my heart to see all these brothers and sisters in Christ walking around with their tails between their legs, skittish and fearful and carrying the weight of the world, their past, and their shame on their … Read the rest

love them like Jesus does

there’s this group of kids that i’ve known and loved and served for three years in Liberia. i’ve prayed with them, cried with them, laughed with them, walked through all sorts of situations and circumstances of life with them. we were family.

and then, one day, things changed. i went from seeing those kids every single week to having to walk away from them without any contact. there were valid and important reasons, to be … Read the rest

let the shalom which comes from the Messiah be your heart’s decision-maker. 
(colossians 3:15, cjb)

a friend read this verse at devos this morning, and i’m going to be honest: it wrecked me.
not just because it’s phrased so beautifully that it makes the poet in me ache with word-envy. [even though it is. and it does.]

it wrecked me because it is Truth. and i so often live a lie. 

this little heart … Read the rest

[the things that i barely have]

i’ve been thinking lately about a widow and two copper coins (see Luke 21:1-4).

Jesus said that out of her poverty, she gave everything she had. 

and in that, i am realizing the depth of my own poverty. perhaps not in finances necessarily (especially as i compare myself to the resources—or lack of—that i see here in Liberia.)

but of time and energy these days, i have little. i am lacking. i am poor.Read the rest

today, i looked into the eyes of a sick, homeless, and hungry man who was literally sleeping on a piece of cardboard on the ground. tonight, he’ll eat a meal, be given a bath, and sleep on a mattress with a blanket and pillow.

my heart has been simply ripped apart, and yet it’s also so very full. 
for Jesus is truly in this place. i have seen. yes, He is here.… Read the rest

looking for Jesus?

he’s with “the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.” he is “welcoming sinners and eating with them.” 

he’s never been afraid of the mess, and he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. and he absolutely DELIGHTS in spending time with those that society has cast off to the side.

think about it. this is beautiful news. ♥… Read the rest