one word 2019: enough.

About a month ago, I started thinking about what I wanted my one word for the new year to be. I had my own ideas, of course, about how I’d like the year to go, and words like travel or beauty, family, even gather, swirled in my mind, even as I recognized those weren’t the words mine to grab hold of. See, my one word has a tendency to choose me. It comes … Read the rest

one word 2016:: grow.

in lieu of new year’s resolutions (and to show support and solidarity with the #oneword365 movement), i’ve spent the last several januarys of my life carefully choosing a word that i hope will shape the coming year. this is perfect for me for a couple different reasons:

a) it doesn’t lock me into anything. selecting a word over a resolution is open-ended. it leaves room for mistakes and loose ends, and it allows the … Read the rest

because every year is just another chapter in a far greater story that’s still being told

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another year–gone. another year of memories and feelings, experiences, lessons learned. another year full of ups + downs, highs + lows, and i look back and i remember and i breathe thanks for each + every moment of it.

twenty-thirteen was one hell of a ride. five days into the new year, i returned to liberia, to life lived in hard places and this messy-beautiful thing called ‘missions’ and ‘ministry’. i taught and i preached … Read the rest

out with the old + in with the new

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i can’t believe you’ve already come and gone, 2012. you were a whirlwind, to be sure. i remember catching a first glimpse of your face while sitting in my mother’s living room in snowy canada. i had no idea what you would bring me, but i welcomed you with open arms, especially after the rough year i had just been through. you were a breath of fresh air; you hinted at new beginnings and better Read the rest