like static on the radio,
only a word or two
makes it off the airwaves &
onto this holy ground.

but those lyrics are enough
for my eager soul to cling to;
and as i wait for the words
to form sentences,
i find my heart singing along.Read the rest

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the morning sun
streams through the leafy green of the plum tree
and, as if on cue,
the birds of its branches sing out
their cheerful chorus.

and i’m reminded
that you’re truly in all things—
and that Light always brings joy. … Read the rest

memories came to visit this morning.

i sat
and wrote
and drank my coffee
and wrote some more,
with a slight ache in my chest
as i thought of all the things we couldn’t have changed.

[i may not be where i want to be, but at least i’m not where i once was.]

Read the rest