your words mean more to me when i get to see you speak them

attention, people of the internet; let’s do REALTALK for a moment or two here, okay? pour yourself a drink, settle in for a little bit, and stay with me here. i may not know much about some things, but i’ve learned a lot about knowing people, and something tells me i’m not the only one who’s been feeling this way lately.
i’m weary, y’all. weary of these false connections forged over computers, of … Read the rest

be careful, little mouth, what you say

i recently read through the book of Job, one i tend to shy away from due to its weighty content. i mean, it’s heavy stuff, the book of Job–laments and suffering, the age-old question of ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’

this time, when i read it, there was one little verse, right near the end, that stood out to me. i’ve been wrestling with it ever since, mulling it over, holding it Read the rest

when words wound: [a letter to the girl in starbucks]

i knew those boys were trouble from the beginning. they reeked of teenage arrogance and an insecurity that can only be soothed by cutting other people down. though they were probably half my age, i knew them. i knew that they talked too loudly in hopes others would hear and presume them to be part of the “in” crowd. i knew they spoke of things they didn’t yet understand, but that they did so … Read the rest

thin-spiration: {week one}

as i trolled the internet today, looking for thin-spiration to help motivate me through my newest “shed the excess” plan, i found myself rolling my eyes and sighing loudly every couple of seconds. why is it all so…cheesy? looking at a pic of some girl’s rock-hard abs dripping in sweat is not going to inspire me; it’s going to depress me, and i’ll likely end up drowning my sorrows in a pint of ben + … Read the rest

this is not really about a chicken sandwich

for days, i’ve been a quiet observer to the entire Chick-fil-a controversy. since i’m not currently in the States, it’s been easy for me to watch it all go down from a detached point of view. (fyi: “watch it all go down” = a facebook and twitter feed full–i mean, FULL–of waffle fry photos, lineups of cars at CFA drive-throughs, and heartfelt apologies to the LGBTQ community from Christians who are embarrassed, disappointed, or … Read the rest