How to survive the run-on sentence seasons of life

I’ve felt it running after me for a while now:

The lure of more, more, more; of adding just one extra thing; of filling in every square on the the calendar with this event or that meeting; of staying up too late and waking up too early; of cramming things in during the day’s leftovers; of fighting for a seat at the table; of dissatisfaction and ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ … Read the rest

when i need to press pause

it’s no secret that i’ve struggled with taking life slow lately, especially as i continue with this transition out of full-time missions and resuming “normal” life here at home. most days seem just too…much. i can’t fit it all in.

and you know what? i’m tired of trying.

i’m taking on too much, spreading myself too thin, and my weariness is a direct result of all my striving, to do + accomplish + succeed.

the … Read the rest