The number one thing I’m doing for my family’s wellness this year

Six months ago, I bought my Young Living Premium Starter Kit — admittedly a bit on a whim, partially to see what the hype was about. And you guys: I fell in love. Hard. 

I started just by diffusing oils: at bedtimes, mainly, or after a hard day. I immediately noticed improvement in the quality of sleep we get, and how quickly my mood was changed simply by smelling Stress Away (which yes, is exactly as heavenly as it sounds!) 

Since then, I’ve used them for digestive support, for a chest rub when the kids were sick, for relief when my stomach felt off or my head hurt. I’ve made some out-of-this-world peppermint mochas with my vitality oils, switched out most of our regular household products to be toxin-free, and learned so, so much about our bodies & the science behind how oils can help us work.

There is nothing like Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee – trust me, I know. Check out I used the “other oils” for a while…until a bottle of lemon gave me a low-grade chemical burn when some of it splashed on my skin 😳 
It was then that I started researching and realizing QUALITY MATTERS.

Some people don’t “get” my love of oils. ‘Why not just burn a candle?’ ‘Natural cleaners don’t work as well.’ ‘Seems a little hippie-ish to me.’ I’ve heard it all.

But can I give you a glimpse into what a day in my Young Living life looks like? I brush my teeth with Thieves toothpaste and rinse with Thieves mouthwash — both leave my mouth feeling fresh, thanks to the essential oils infused in, and without alcohol or other additives. I use a roller of my “Unicorn Blend” for perfume, which is a mix of my favorite smells without added synthetic fragrance. I wash my hands with Lavender foaming hand soap, clean my whole house with non-toxic Thieves cleaner, and use gentle lotions on my kids that don’t hurt their sensitive skin. I use oils to diffuse at work when I’m stressed or at night to help support restful sleep or put a drop in my water if my stomach is feeling off. I use a roller of sleepy-time oils on my feet when my legs are feeling restless and I can’t wind down. AND I earn cash back and free product all the time thanks to YL’s Essential Rewards!

In short, a starter kit of oils has changed our family’s whole life — and I couldn’t be happier.  

But Young Living is not just oils!
Young Living is not just oils! They also have makeup, CBD, supplements, cookware, bath & body washes, and cleaning products!

My son got into the laundry closet the other day and grabbed my bottle of home-made spray cleaner, and pretended he was using it to clean. I panicked for about half a second, before I remembered I’ve switched over to Young Living’s Thieves line for home cleaning. I know every single ingredient that’s in it — and none of them are toxic. Six months ago, I couldn’t have said the same. (Note: I still believe in practicing good safety measures and keeping cleaning products out of your kiddos’ reach. But also — life happens. And I’m so thankful we made the switch because I can breathe a little easier in this situation.)

One bottle of Thieves cleaner is highly concentrated, so I dilute it to help it last longer. I’m on spray bottle number three … in SIX MONTHS. There’s still more than half a bottle of cleaner left, which means I can get AT LEAST another three spray bottles out of it. If I do the math — y’all. We have saved SO MUCH MONEY.

This is the same for our dish soap and laundry soap too. A little goes a long way, and again, it’s been a godsend for our budget. The best part is I’m on YL’s Essential Rewards program, so I earn $ back on all this stuff! 20% right now — my favorite “bullseye” shop only offers 5%! *still love you, Tar-jay*

As my friend Tara puts it, “we do our best to live chemical-free. Even after being a YL member for years, I’m not perfect and never will be. But I get such peace of mind knowing that what we do use in our home is clean, effective and safe for my entire family. And that’s good enough for me.” 

Don’t get overwhelmed — the best way to do it is switch out one room at a time. (I did the kitchen first). Not a Young Living member yet? Like I said, it is so much more than oils! I’d love to help walk you through it if you’re interested! 
Also, this is not limited to US friends only! Young Living has members worldwide! (Canada — I’m looking at you, boo!)
You can grab your kit now at or message me any time with questions!

Peace, love and EO in 2020,

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