why i believe in better stories

a year and seven months ago, my life changed forever, and it all started with a five and a half hour conversation at starbucks. in the early spring air, i clutched a white cup of steaming espresso and eyed the man across the table from me. he was well spoken and personable, and his friendly smile instantly put me at ease. it wasn’t long after that before i realized: he’s it for me. it was as if my soul found him and sighed a little, like “ohhh….there you are. now i understand what i’ve been waiting for.”

my blossoming relationship wasn’t something i wrote about often, however, which is admittedly uncharacteristic of a bleeding heart like me. i think it’s because some things are too special and sacred for words. they hold too much weight, take up too much heart-and-soul space, and so they remain wordless.

still—it taught me to shine. he taught me to shine.

and on the seventeenth of this october, i shined brighter than i ever have when i met the love of my life at an altar and pledged forever to him.

we are still overjoyed whenever we think about that weekend, for every part of it was sheer perfection. we planned a pinterest, diy wedding in only four months (with a lot of help from k’s amazing parents!), and it turned out even more magical than we ever could have planned. from the beautiful fall weather (though it was freezing!) to the mason jar favors, from the trader joe’s flowers to the lappa ribbon tied around my bouquet, from bright yellow wedding cardigans and bubble umbrellas in case it rained, from homemade pies and lots of wine to pumpkins with our names on them and burlap and lace runners on the welcome table, from a giant polaroid frame for fun pictures to an acoustic band playing some of our favorite songs–every single moment of the weekend was us. we made the wedding our own, and it was absolutely perfect. and the best part of all was the people who came from near and far, people who love us and have stood tried and true by our sides over the years, to celebrate with us. we feel so thankful, so fortunate, so joyful. for those of you who know some of our stories, they weren’t always happy ones. but where we stand today is proof that better stories exist. believe in them.


“Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices…” (Psalm 16:9)

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